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Social Media Marketing

In this articled i choose Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira and Avast. This three anti-virus is I think I can make a search when it comes to there speed, stealth, detection, technical support and as well as the price. And its an amazing experience that i’m be going to write this article regarding an anti-virus.

among the three anti-virus, Avira scanned at “fast” speed; avast! scanned at “fast” speed; AVG scanned at “average” speed; and Microsoft Security Essentials scanned at “slow” speed, according to http://dottech.org/freeware-reviews/14151/.  and to think when it comes to the speedy of those four anti-virus had made mentioned in that source, Microsoft Security Essentials is the slow in speed power. among to the four anti-viruses both Avira and Avast are the fastest. 

Avast has steadily been improving its detection rates over the past few years and now ranks with the some of the best. Avast has the most features of all the free antivirus with full real-time capabilities including web, e-mail, IM, P2P and network shields, boot-time scanning, and a behavioural blocker. The new  version 6 brings even more features including an internet site ratings plugin, script malware protection and a limited (non-configurable) sandboxing feature. MSE more impressive is the fact that Microsoft Security Essentials has very few false positives, is light on resources and is good at removal of existing malware. MSE is a great choice for average users because of the minimal user interaction required. It automatically updates and removes threats. No registration is needed, apart from a quick validating of Windows, and there are no nag screens or advertisements. Avira is another high quality free antivirus, and formerly the Top Pick. The primary reason I removed it from its status involved the recent controversy of AntiVir including a re-branded Ask toolbar in their installer, and a temporary spate of advertisements promoting a possible ‘scareware’ company. 

In the Avast, more effective in disinfecting complex viruses,scan registry for malware related keys. Avira is lacks web scanner,email scanner. MSE will be very good,more complex options for advanced users,and good submission system. according to http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=58207.0. These three anti-virus are make there own competitive advantages in the there own way and its a matter on how we use and its how we comfortable in using those anti-virus. 

In this time i can say that it is important to know what are the advantages of using those anti-virus in order for as to know the quality of those because the moment we know it we can our loyalty as a customer of this anti-virus. Yes, those anti-virus has a big rule when it comes to social media because of the factors that we don’t want to allow those viruses to enter in our units, the anti-virus well help us to stop it. And, aside from knowing those anti-virus it well make me to understand the rule of those anti-virus in our social media.

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Quality Catholic Education in Business Administration at Holy Cross of Davao College

How weird that the social media now is the way to get people closer. The people get involve  to this habit, people get activated to this time. And to think mostly of the people in this world has an access to this social medias.

Now as a college student, studying and knowing the Search Engine Optimization is being part of this endeavor to the Business Administration students. Searching the Business Administration to the site of Google.com is an example to optimize all the inform. And we search the word college is another way to do so. When the college students searching for a certain word, a lot sites give interpretation to the word that we search for, different meaning and different sites. When we find the word business administration, the two words has there own meaning form the different sites.

Another point is that mostly of the college students getting access to those social media for some reasons and assignments. And to the other side of the coin, mostly of the college students involved also to the marketing trilogy of the SEO. Some business administration students in holy cross of davao college, is also studying to this SEO for a better understand in the e-commerce. When we search about the word college a lot of hub can be search either image, video, and etc. because all we search can be optimize. And surfers can do everything to the internet, they can all be a connect as one. Business administration students can optimize to all the hubs in searching data. Where this hubs happen? the hubs can happen because there are some site get a link to the other sites, and when we search college to a site it will connect to the other links for some details and information. So in this information, I conclude this post in knowing how this social media get relation to our study in daily meeting assignment in college life and the as a business administration students it will help us to understand the meaning of studying the SEO.

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Internet Marketing and Electronic Retailing

From the word Internet Marketing and Electronic Retailing. The topic was different as I heard it because its all about retailing in the world wide web. In this electronic marketing a lot of challenges are encountered from the buyers. And some buyers are not using the internet just to buy their wants because customers is preferred to buy in a malls. The differences in buying in the shopping website and malls or stores had a big different.


Now as the web become more high effective in the world market. And mostly of the man are now involve in this newly technologies. Everything in this world now is easy to access of the technology that we have now, the becomes short and more close to each of as. As the Google Checkout introduced in the american last 2006 and successfullly introduced to the other country they  helping the shoppers to buy in the their shopping site.


First, Google Checkout, its something different and in need of time just to explore this site in knowing of it. This is online payment processing service that aimed to simplifying the process of paying for online purchases. Google checkout is solve the problems of buyers in using many account just to buy an item and the confidentiality of the payments. And as they solve those problems they come up to the solution of those problem; one account across the web, purchase with a few clicks, and payment credentials are private.

Second, This Google Checkouts need to consider the credibility of the user of there site. Because we all now that not all surfers are register in the some shopping website. I myself also don’t have this because  I also don’t have credit card for me to buy an item in the shopping site. And to see the factors that not all buyers are want to buy a product in the Ecommerce and we cant deny it. The Google Checkout try to catch a buyers who have a capacity to buy with in. Google Checkout is an other way of shopping site that help the wants of buyers aside also from malls and stores. The site make use the Electronic Retailing because by simply log-in in their site and after make an account from them. The buyers can utilize with in because the Google Checkout had a participating stores, so that the wants and needs of buyers online can be found with in their scope. By simply clicking the button, the buyer can transact their item. This Google Checkout has also different access, just like google wallet and etc. just to catch the need of the online buyers and as they make the Google Checkout all google account make summary and check there account. 

On the other side of the Google Checkout is the Google Wallet which help the buyers in finding a secure shopping site. By simply log in in there site a by just clicking the button the shoppers can buy their needs and also it they accepting major credit cards. The Google Checkout makes every to the shoppers online more fast, simple, and protected, so that they can have a good experience in buying online. And, as I understand the topic of Google Checkout. Everything in the world of Google can easily Checkout in just one site.

Hence, as we understand the satisfaction of some customers. We cannot deny the facts that mostly of the consumer is preferred to buy in near malls or stores. Some customers love to spend money for transportation, so that they can go and buy the item that they want in malls or store. And the experiences in buying a mall or buying online has a big different because the satisfaction of both sides are different. Example, when the buyer buy an item in the online shopping site is timeless because by simply clicking the button you can buy the item, while the customers buy in the mall or store it will need time and more efforts just to buy. And as we see and look the differences in the factor of time it a big different. And as I conclude this one, the well of the buyer is more important. But the Ecommerce make the world more simple and small because the new technology that we have.

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3rd Blog Assignment

As I’ve heard the film/video about of this strategy. When the first time I heard the strategy, its make me something bling-bling because how come that the word blue ocean become a another strategy in the business industry. Hence, it’s hard to understand the topic because of the delivery of the voice of the resource speakers during in the video. And the strategy is unique by its word itself.

Anyhow, the Blue Ocean Strategy is a strategy for those business industries who wants to make their business become more competitive to the other business competitors. Now, the Blue Ocean Strategy was introduced to some big brand in the world. The strategy is a great opportunity to the business industry and introducing this strategy to the some big brand will make them a big competitive advantage to the world market. And through understanding to this strategy or topic, this will make a good market positioning to the world market because the strategy will develop their brand or product that will push them into a higher market.

The Blue Ocean Strategy will be a great strategy to be used to the some business company because of its unique way of the make the customer more active or participate in the product or it will make the customers experience the product. As the company will used the strategy, its bring them more attractive to the customers.

As the strategy was explained to the some business leaders, it’s clearly stated to them on how the popular brand right now because of using the said strategy. The topic on these will become more interesting because of the factors and a function knows. And through those functions and factors, its created more comparison to the some strategies.

When I had observed and understood the strategy. The more I learned how the Blue Ocean Strategy effective to the market. And, as I observed how the Blue Ocean Strategy was applied to the company the more the company will have a customer because of the good experienced to customers. And the more the customers will experience the service; it will give them satisfaction for them. Anyhow, the Blue Ocean Strategy is also making the customers aware to the product/service.

The Blue Ocean Strategy taught as about taking market demand as a mortal demand and all demographic and becomes more no competitors, better market and profitable growth and makes competition irrecevant to high venue, Low cost is a blue ocean strategy.

Productivity Management

  1. managing costs
  2. quality control
  3. assets utilization
  4. operational efficiency
  5. logistics
  6. cycle times

Creativity Management.

  1. Growth/ innovation
  2. creativity methods
  3. new brand development
  4. global reach
  5. corporate brand
  6. future strategy
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2nd Blog Assignment

When I heard about our 2nd blog assignment is “Facebook Era” what comes to my mind is that what kind of era is this all about? Is this all about Facebook history? I am asked myself this because I wonder that Facebook now a day have their own era and to think that Facebook has their own phenomena. Now, I that I need to know what kind of era this all about will make me to send into an opportunity to know what this is.


Facebook Era is an era about how these sites become dominant to the worldwide web now a day. And yes – it’s true we all know that Facebook is now one of the top most visited website in the world. Facebook and other new website now are making dominant in world market when it comes to technology. But Facebook makes more dominant now compare to other website and we cannot deny on that when we ask some of people if they have a Facebook Account right now. And because Facebook is really dominating among other website that’s why Facebook makes his own Era that we say that this website is part of the hobby of anyone else and makes every people a fast time they are bored or etc. When we look around and go to the internet café we see that Facebook will be using some of the customers aside from online games or other websites. We can say and conclude that Facebook was really a big website because a lot people will use or upgrade to this site.


Anyhow, what makes me different and interesting about on this era is that makes me to challenge myself in the other side of the coin. And you why, i go back to the last day when I heard in the convention last November 18-19, 2011 is that makes me believe that not all people has their own Facebook Account because believe me or not there’s a woman from Philippine Women’s College said that they don’t have a Facebook Account until now. And when the speaker asked the girl why they don’t have Facebook Account she said “I don’t like to use the Facebook website just to express myself nor to gain more friends in the fb because I am contented of what I have now, to have a conservative life and to make me different from others.” (It’s not the really statement but the thoughts are likely same…hehehe). Hence, we cannot denied that there are some people who don’t have Facebook account yet and we cannot force those people to have it but I think it will depend upon the event. But it gives me an idea that Facebook is something part of the Era because of the popularity of this website.


Anyhow, we all know that Facebook is not all about for fast time but as a marketer we should know that Facebook is a one way of selling a product thru a tagging our product to our friend or to have a page about in your business soon. I or we believe that Facebook is become one of the tool for marketers to improve their business and we cannot deny on that because has a big and wide customer prospective because of its worldwide market. And we have to explore more about Facebook to think we can have a better and a wider market in our own business. It’s something different that there are some companies now are using Facebook to advertise their product and because of those different features in Facebook, Facebook become more popular in the wide market and become more dominant to among the other websites.


Lastly, Facebook Era mark his own unremarkable era in the world of technology because of his own difference among the existing website that we have right now. And Facebook take the lead in making individual connected to each other by socializing other people from the other countrymen and Facebook is now part in connecting every individual in the worldwide web and in the wide market as well.

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1st Blog Assignment

The compare and contrast of the five popular internet browser. In the Microsoft Internet Explorer, had a different features just to make sure that their website is accessible to all users. IE also has a Java to make it faster. IE is improving there programs for the benefit of the users.  IE uses real shortcut files for its Internet “bookmarks.” You can edit them, copy them, put them on a floppy or send them by e-mail. The other browser is Mozilla Firefox, this browser is also popular to the surfers because we can multiple our browse website from single website to the other site. The Firefox is also now creating innovations for their programs and because of the nature of its programming, anyone can add features to Firefox, expanding on its functionality every day while some other browsers require official updates.. Mozilla Firefox is also innovations from its large user/open-source-development team. While Google Chrome, is very fast as I experienced. And a side from Google Chrome is also safety to use, and because of this features that Google’s they have i think this are reasons why surfers make this website as their one of the popular browser. It is very easy to download chrome. Moreover,  it is available for free too. Any one can download it just click on the download link and you do not have to do anything else. The other browser is Apple Safari, this site make me wonder what kind of website is this? Tell I found out that Apple Safari is a website of iPod and as I compare to other website above Apple Safari is different from them. Safari operates with a very basic look and feel, which attempts to create a web browser that is easy and efficient to operate, as well as easy to learn how to operate. The last one is Opera, opera has a a panels toolbar system, and widgets. Opera has a unique feature compared to the other sites and also has many advantages, including, but not limited to, visual tabs, a full internet suite.


In my observation to the aforesaid internet browsers. I conclude that all of the websites has a different design, to make it there program easy to browse and safe. To make their website more accessible to the surfers those five internet browsers should considers all aspects in order for them to rich their goal. All browsers a very unique to their designs and features. The Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome are all similar when it comes to their designs. While the Apple Safari and Opera are somehow the same in design. When it comes to the users-friendliness of those five popular internet browsers, the Google Chrome has a good and fast searching device unlike to the Microsoft Internet Explorer, and same also to Mozilla Firefox. To the five browsers friendliness a lot of people can comment on that and we read the comment of different surfers we can say that and conclude whose internet browsers is real friendly to the costumers. Now, I observe also the five browsers in line of there effectiveness. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web designers use browser detection techniques to ensure that their sites display properly when viewed with specific browsers and browser detection techniques encounter problems when sites are viewed. The effectiveness of Mozilla Firefox is better software stability thanks to timely bug fixes and most likely happier users due to more stable, more secure applications with additional features. In the Google Chrome, has a good standard in the Adobe Flash. This program has a latest development of their company. The Apple Safari’s effectiveness is very seldom unlike to the first three that i mentioned above. And to think also that Apple Safari is not yet highly commercialize. Last is the Opera, same also in the Apple Safari, Opera is also different to the first three browsers and I observe that the effectiveness is hard to measure right because for me this two browses are not familiar from me. Now when it come in the observation to the five browses in the category of Support/Add-ons. In the IE, it has an Add-ons include Accelerators, Search Providers, Toolbars, and Web Slices. In Firefox, they have a add-on in the selected hotels and other supports. Google Chrome, has also similar add-ons in the IE and Firefox. And, the Apple Safari and Opera has a new add-ons based on my observation. The last category is Security. In every browsers has a different security system that they are using to secure the important detail of their surfers. For example, in the IE, the Security restrictions are applied per zone; all the sites in a zone are subject to the restrictions. On the other side is Mozilla Firefox, they find alerts and announcements on security and privacy issues, general tips for surfing the Web and using email more securely, more information about how we maintain and enhance the security of our products, and useful links for Web developers. In Google Chrome, they warns users when they attempt to visit a harmful site. While the Apple and Opera are also make their program more safety compare to the other browser.

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